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No E-Waste



E-waste (electronic waste) is a popular and informal name for electronic products that are obsolete or unwanted. Routers, switches, computers, servers, telephones are some of these common electronic products.  E-waste is the fastest growing segment of waste steam in our Nation and the World. Many electronic products contain high levels of nickel, lead, and other toxic elements that render them hazardous waste when disposed.


Arcas Technology is making sure any e-waste we have is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manor.  We repair, refurbish and resell any items that still have value allowing you to receive maximum value for your retired equipment.  Hard drives are sanitized to erase any proprietary company information and networking equipment has configurations erased to clear any specific company information.  By working with our business partners we are able to recycle any items that no longer have resale value.

Hosted VoIP

 Arcas Technology’s hosted VoIP service is a powerful, flexible solution for big office features without the big phone system costs.

Repair / Refurbish 

Don’t know what to do with your broken or dirty Cisco phones?